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        A Defense Work to Avoid Wars

          As a massive military presence, the Great Wall was complete with watchtowers for relaying information and battlements and protective citadels for defensive purposes. The truth is that the Great Wall never had much opportunity to prove its military role in battles. Most of the time, however, it did serve the purpose of avoiding battles by scaring off any potential invaders.

          In the years before firepower, the Great Wall had an obvious effect as a deterrent. It was impossible to hold in check nomadic peoples living on vast expanses of grassland and desert who were excellent at riding horses and fighting on horseback. However, for the nomadic tribes, fighting at close range to take a fortified defensive work was not something with which they were most comfortable. So the Great Wall forced them to pull back the reins of their horses and to try to come up with inventive ways to overcome it. Consequently, the mighty structure dampened their morale, slowed them down and even totally held them in check as they attempted to march southward.

          The Great Wall built by the First Emperor of Qin “held off the Xiongnus from the territory for more than 300 kilometers, making them afraid to make any southward moves.”

          Emperor Wu of the Han (r. 140-87 BC) had fortresses and watchtowers erected and an outer wall built. He dispatched troops to guard the wall and ensured stability along the border.

          In 1473, Yu Zijun, a defending general in the Yansui region, engaged in massive construction on the border wall so that northerners dared not move near the area.

          The year of 1571 saw the conclusion of the Longqing Agreement between the Tartar leader and the Ming court thanks to the strong and vigilant defense along the wall.

          When General Qi Jiguang was made commander-in-chief of the garrison at Ji, he had walls and watchtowers built and drilled his troops, both cavalrymen and infantry soldiers. As a result of General Qi’s strong defensive display, the northern tribal Mongolians who had planned to invade the Central Plain never dared to put their plan into action. For dozens of years, the border enjoyed peace and stability.

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